Build strong, successful teams through real-time feedback

Give and get real-time feedback on projects, meetings, and performance through Slack.
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Inkrement in a nutshell

Let feedback be part
of the conversation

No need for additional websites, portals or forms. Inkrement is built for Slack and allows your team to effortlessly deliver timely feedback in a snap.

Keep a pulse on how
your team is doing

Get insights from people who regularly collaborate with your team members by requesting feedback on their behalf. Get a real sense of how they are doing and bring 360 feedback to your next 1-on-1.

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Let your team take
control of their growth

Completed a project, milestone or a big presentation? Let anyone on your team (including co-ops) reach out to their peers to get direct feedback.

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Earn your team’s trust by going beyond praise

Ensure that all voices are heard and empower your team to give critical feedback directly or anonymously. Anonymous feedback makes it easy for vulnerable voices to be heard without fear.

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Building feedback habits

Automated nudges from Inkrement keep your team engaged and act as prompts to reflect on how things are going.

Keep it all in one place

Request or give feedback and know that all feedback is centralized in one place. Download it in time for your performance review or reflect on your areas of strengths or improvement and take control over your growth.

Measure what matters

Keep a pulse on your organizations’ journey towards continuous improvement.
Increase engagement

Amplify the voice of your team and increase their engagement with their peers and the company.

Continuous feedback

Foster a culture of continuous growth and development, by giving friendly reminders to leave feedback.

Measure engagement

See how much feedback is given and requested to keep a pulse on your people’s growth.

Keeping it simple. Real simple.

No complicated tiers or add-ons. One simple price for everything.
per employee
Unlimited Feedback request
Give unsolicited feedback
Option to provide anonymous feedback
Weekly nudges and reminder
Download feedback to excel
No credit card required

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